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Trail 9

Trail 9 & Connector Trail from Ogle Lake to Trail 9

This 3 mile trail begins and ends in Taylor Ridge Campground near site #324.  The trail was intended primarily for campers.  Non-campers may access the trail by parking at the Nature Center and following the campground road to the trailhead, a distance of just under 1.5 miles. 

Trail 9 beings by continuing along Taylor Ridge, past the campground, where the trail then splits.  Turning left, the trail descends into the valley and follows alongside a creek before ascending back to the ridge top. Here, hikers pass through a stand of tall pines before completing the loop and returning to the campground.

While the ridge top and valley sections of this trail are moderate to easy, the hilly portions are somewhat rough.  Allow a minimum of 1.5 hours to complete the trail.  Be sure to carry water and a snack.

Recently installed by members of the Hoosier Hiker’s Council (HHC) and to take advantage of those wanting more long-distance, back country walking, the “connector” trail between Trails 7 and 9 is a great hike!  Hikers can begin at the south end of the dam at Ogle Lake or at Trailhead 9 at the end of Taylor Ridge Campgrounds to walk this connector.  It will require about 1 hour additional time to walk the connector, not including the loop of Trail 9 or Trail 7 around Ogle Lake.

The HHC knows trails are enjoyed more when they take hikers past interesting woodland views and along ravines; the trail includes these as well as gradually descending and ascending trails into creek beds and on top of ridges.  Look for crossing deer trails, pileated woodpecker holes and some of the park’s tallest timber arising from the deepest ravines. 

Trail 9

Begins: Taylor Ridge Campground site #324
Distance: 2.80 miles
Difficulty: Moderate
Time: 90 minutes
Elevation Gain: 350 ft
Look for: a wildlife pond built when the area was a game preserve, benchmark (USGS marker) designating elevation, turkey dusting areas, and greenbrier

Connector Trail from Ogle Lake to Trail 9

Begins: Lake Ogle, across the dam
Distance: 2.40 miles
Difficulty: Rugged
Time: 90 minutes
Elevation Gain: 620 ft