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Trail 8

Just over 4 miles long, Trail 8 provides an opportunity for a longer hike.  It can be accessed from the West Lookout Tower or Hesitation Point, both along the park’s west road, or from the far end of the parking lot at Ogle Lake.

From the lake, the trail follows an intermittent stream through a valley, rising to continue along the ridge top between Hesitation Point and the West Lookout.  A staircase with a deck providing an area to rest has been built over the steepest section of the trail.  From the West Lookout, the return loop descends into and out of a secluded ravine before dropping back down to Ogle Lake.

After periods of rain, running water or mud may be present in low-lying areas of the trail.  Allow about 2 hours to walk the entire trail.

Begins:  Ogle Lake or Hesitation Point
Distance:  4.03 miles
Difficulty: Moderate/rugged
Time: 2 hours
Elevation Gain:  624 ft
Look for:  pawpaws, chestnut oaks, stone outcroppings, the mountain bike trail and view at Hesitation Point

Grade - Average 7.3%, 45% of trail is greater than 5%
Trail Width - Minimum 15”, average 45”

Cross Slope - Average 3.1%, 30% of trail is greater than 3%
Surface Type - Soil, firm
Steps and waterbars throughout the trail range in height from 4 to 12 inches
Roots throughout the trail range in height from
1 to 10 inches.
Tower Grade - Average 7%, 55% of the trail is greater than 5%
Tower Cross Slope - Average 2.4%, 27% of the trail is greater than 3%