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Nature Center to Strahl Lake

What better place to begin a hike!  After visiting the Nature Center and the nearby Interpretive Gardens, try this connecting trail down to Strahl Lake (.5 mile one way).

Shortly past the beginning of the trail, a 164-step staircase covers the steepest portion of the trail.  A large deck with benches is incorporated into the middle of the staircase.  It’s a great place to sit in the evening and listen for owls.  The trail is also beautiful in the morning as the mist rising off the lake greets hikers near the junction at Trail 6.

This trail stays firm and dry and is worth the hike back (uphill!) to the Nature Center. 

Begins:  Behind the Nature Center
Distance:  .5 mile (one way)
Difficulty:  Moderate
Time:  20 minutes (one way)
Elevation Gain:  355 ft.
Look for:  squirrels, woodpeckers, clearings suggesting old farm fields, erosion scars from poor farming practices, an old road, and evidence of a fire (1981).

Grade - Average 11%, 68% of trail is greater than 5%

Trail Width - Minimum 32”, average 57”
Cross Slope - Average 5.1%, 48% of trail is greater than 3%
Surface Type - Soil, firm
Stairs at the beginning and end of the trail
Roots throughout the trail range in height from
1 to 5 inches.
 Amphitheater, parking, restrooms and telephone are available at the Nature Center.