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Trail 6

Strahl Lake

Trail 6, circling Strahl Lake, is just under a mile long. If you start the trail from the Strahl Lake parking lot, it begins with 49 comfortable steps. After this initial climb, it is easy going even for small children.

Benches along the higher, northern portion of the trail overlook the water and stairs lead down to the lake for a closer look or a spot to fish. Boardwalks cover most areas of the trail that might become wet after periods of rain. A .5 mile connecting trail at the back of the lake leads uphill to the Nature Center, while Trail 6 resumes around the lake’s edge and across the dam to complete the circle.

It takes only about half an hour to walk around the lake; allow more time for distractions such as painted turtles, frogs, kingfishers and fishing from the fishing piers.

Begins: Strahl Lake parking lot beside restrooms
0.8 miles
30 minutes
Elevation Gain:
0 ft.
Look for:
tall pines and spruce trees surrounding the lake planted during the 1930s by CCC workers, partridgeberry, crayfish holes on the trail surface, wild hydrangea, and dragonflies

Grade - Average 5.5%, 20% of trail is greater
than 5%

Trail Width - Minimum 12”, average 48”
Cross Slope - Average 3.2%, 34% of trail is
greater than 3%
Surface Type - Soil, firm
Steps and waterbars throughout the trail
Roots throughout the trail range in height from
1 to 10 inches.
 Stairs & boardwalks at 0.02, 0.07, 0.14, 0.22, 0.3, 0.41, 0.5, 0.56, 0.66, 0.72 miles
Benches at 0.08, 0.22, 0.39, 0.63 & 0.73 miles