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Trail 10

Trail 10 invites the hiker to leave the highest ridge in the park (elevation at the Fire Tower, 1058’ above sea level) and descend into one of the property’s lower-lying areas next to a small creek.  En route, you will pass the Peachtree Shelter, a Civilian Conservation Corp native sandstone and roofed structure built in the 1930s by the CCC.  So named for several peach and apple trees that were planted by original landowners to the area, this shelter offers hikers a nice place for a trailside picnic lunch or rest stop.

Proceed down from Peachtree along meandering switchbacks and descend into a small valley, stepping across small stones before heading uphill.  A small wildlife pond is along the way, installed as a watering source for woodland game as late as the 1960s by the DNR Division of Fish and Wildlife.  Look for salamanders and several frogs in this verdant pool and wildlife tracks along the shoreline.

Trail 10 offers not only a variety of wildlife habitats as the hiker moves vertically on the landscape, but also leads into the dense and remote Brown County back-country, a ruggedness so often admired by those who enjoy it from another vantage point, inside the car at a roadside vista.

Begins:  Fire lookout tower at Park Office
Distance:  2.27 miles
Difficulty:  Moderate
Time:  90 minutes
Elevation Gain:  421 ft
Look for:  a wildlife pond, salamanders, frogs, wildlife tracks long the shore of the pond, CCC shelter house