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Trail 1

This is a moderate, .95 mile hike and the shortest of those starting from the Abe Martin Lodge.  It begins at the rear of the lodge, just beyond the Uncle Niles Turner cabin, and joints the end of Trail 2 for a short distance before dropping down alongside a creek.  On the other side of the creek is a covered stone fireplace, one of many in the park built by members of the Civilian Conservation Corp during the 1930s.  The trail then splits to form a returning loop, its farthest point that passes near the park road leading back to the lodge.  Oak, hickory, sassafras, beech and maple trees will be found along this trail.

Begins:  Behind Abe Martin Lodge
0.95 miles
30 minutes
Elevation Gain: 
235 ft.
Look for: 
creeks that flow intermittently, large beech trees, ferns, pileated woodpeckers (all seasons) chipmunks and squirrels

Grade - Average 11.4%, 79% of trail is greater than 5%

Trail Width - Minimum 20”, average 40”

Cross Slope - Average 3.8%, 38% of trail is greater than 3%

Surface Type - Soil, firm
Stairs are at the beginning of the trail.
Roots throughout the trail range in height from 2 to 20 inches.