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Longer hikes

For those who like to hike!

4.15 miles  - Combine Trails 1, 2, and 3, beginning from the Abe Martin Lodge.

3 miles - Take Trail 4 from the Rally Campground until it meets Trail 7. Continue left (west) on Trail 7 around the lake to the next junction with Trail 4. From there, take Trail 4 north towards Trail 5 and the Ogle Hollow Nature Preserve. At the junction with Trail 5, continue in either direction to return to the Rally Campground.

6.5 miles - Take Trail 5 from the Rally Campground until it meets Trail 4 in the valley. Follow Trail 4 to the junction of Trail 7. Continue right (west) on Trail 7 around the lake to the Ogle Lake parking lot. Cross the parking lot, to the beginning of Trail 8. Hike Trail 8 to the West Lookout Tower and back to the lake. Go to the beginning of Trail 7 at the dam of Ogle Lake and follow it to the first junction of Trail 4 (on the lake's southeastern side). Continue up the hill on Trail 4 to return to Rally Campground.

3 miles - At the Nature Center, following the connecting trail down to Trail 6 at Strahl Lake. Follow Trail 6 to the left (east), crossing the dam and continuing to where the Ten O'clock Line Trail branches off to the left from the west side of the lake. This trail is not on the park map. White rectangular blazes mark the Ten O'clock Line Trail, with orange triangles indicating turns in the trail. Follow the Ten O'clock Line to where it joins the park road at the CCC Shelter and picnic area. From there, just follow the park road to the right (north) until you reach the Nature Center.

4 miles, 1.5 miles on park road - Begin the Ten O'clock Line Trail at the fire tower near the park office. Follow this trail to Strahl Lake. There, continue on Trail 6 in either direction to the back of the lake where it is joined by a connecting trail up to the Nature Center. To return to the fire tower, follow the park road north for approximately 1.5 miles.