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Friends Easy Access Trail

The Friends' Trail was made possible by the Friends of Brown County State Park, who saw the need for an easy-access trail. The 978 foot long trail begins and ends at the Park Office. Several benches provide good spots to rest or observe nature. The overlook along the north side of the trail provides a beautiful vista view. The trail was dedicated on June 3, 2000 as part of National Trails Day. The Friends' Trail starts just west of the Park Office. At 60' the trail splits to form a loop of 858'. There are no steps, waterbars or exposed roots on the trail which is a uniform 72" concrete surface.

A motorized wheelchair is available for check out at the Park Office. Call (812) 988-6406 for more information.

Begins: Near the Park Office
Distance: 978 feet
Difficulty: Easy, wheelchair accessible
Time: 30 Minutes
Elevation Gain: 10 ft
Look for: Flowering Dogwood, Pennyroyal, Stinging Nettle. This area has always been a favorite spot for mushroom hunting each spring.

Grade - Average 2%, 3% of trail is between 3% and 4%
Trail Width - Uniform 72 inches
Cross Slope - Average .3%, 10% of trail is greater than 5%
Surface Type - Hard, concrete
No steps or waterbars on trail.
No exposed roots on trail.

Concrete surface

Original West Gate House

Take a break!

Wheelchair accessible