Hiking Trails

Hiking in Brown County State Park

For those who wish to see this unique park on foot, a variety of well-marked trails are available. Over 21 miles of hiking trails travel over steep, forested hills and through shady ravines. The roadless, southwestern and eastern parts of the park can be visited only by foot or on horseback.

Ogle Hollow Nature Preserve, within the park, features a self-guiding trail (Trail 5) providing information about natural aspects of the area. A self-guiding history tour follows portions of Trails 2 and 3. MP3 players for this tour are available for checkout at the front desk of the Abe Martin Lodge.

You can help us keep our trails enjoyable for future hikers by informing the park office of any unsafe trail conditions or obstacles you may encounter. If you are interested in volunteering to help with maintenance on our park trails, please contact the property manager or park naturalist for more information.

When hiking:

  • Please stay on marked trails
  • Please do not carve on trees or damage structures, plants, or wildlife
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash no longer than 6'
  • Please do not litter
  • Bicycles are not allowed on hiking trails
Trails starting at the Park Office
    Friends' Easy Access Trail
    Trail 10

Trails near Abe Martin Lodge
    Trail 1
    Trail 2
    Trail 3

Trails starting at the Rally Campground
    Trail 4
    Trail 5

Trails starting at the Nature Center
    Nature Center to Strahl Lake
    Discovery Trail
    Discovery Trail Interpretive Guide

Lake Trails
    Trail 6 - Strahl Lake
    Trail 7 - Ogle Lake

If you love to hike!
    Longer Trails
    Trail 8
    Trail 9, Connector to Trail 9
    Ten O'clock Line Trail

Universal Trail Assessment Process

Trails in most parks are identified by length and a subjective classification system (easy, moderate, rugged) that makes it difficult for most hikers to appropriately choose a trail.  Moderate conditions in one park may be easy or rugged in another.  The Friends Easy Access Trail and Trails 1 - 8 in Brown County State Park have been evaluated using the Universal Trail Assessment Process (UTAP), a standardized system that collects information on the following features:

Grade relates to the steepness of the trail.  As a point of reference, a building ramp may have a maximum grade of 8.3%.

Trail Width
- provides information about the average and narrowest sections of the trail.

Cross Slope relates to the trail’s side to side slant.  Accessible parking space and access routes have a maximum cross slope of 2%.

Surface Type is identified as paved, hard (crushed limestone or wood), firm (hard packed dirt), soft or very soft.

A summary of information about individual trails is included in this guide and at each trail head and/or bulletin board nearby.  Detailed information about UTAP is available online from AmericanTrails.org, www.americantrails.org/resources/accessible/UTAPsum.html .