North Gate Connector

This trail begins at the large playing field (originally called the Target Range, after earlier archery events held here), just inside the North Gate entrance, past the swimming pool on your right.  An interpretive kiosk with property natural history and early settlement changes can be read at the trailhead before embarking.  Take time to read about the hilly terrain and unique natural features you are about to experience!  This short (1.13 mile) introductory trail eventually intersects with the North Tower loop trail (3.9 miles) providing greater backcountry walking or mountain biking.  As with all trails, know your limits, travel with a friend and plan the outing with rest breaks, water and snacks.

Mountain bikers will find this an easy climb to the intersection with the North Tower Loop. This trail is a bit more challenging for bikers than Pine Loop but still considered a beginner trail with some berms, small rock gardens, a stream crossing, and a couple of tight turns. On the return trip there’s a section of whoop-de-doos that will put an exclamation point on your ride back down the trail to the parking lot.

Begins: North Gate parking lot - past the gatehouse and pool on the right
Distance: 1.13 miles
Hiking: Moderate
Hiking Time: 45 minutes (one way)
Biking: Beginner
Elevation Gain: 128 ft
Look for: a variety of wildflowers in the spring such as hepatica and jack-in-the-pulpit