This 2.19 mile trail can be started from either the Hoosier’s Nest shelter near the fire tower, or at the Rally campground parking lot.  Originally intended to allow trail access to the campgrounds with the other mountain bike/hiker trails, this connector skirts around the extreme east side of Ogle Hollow Nature Preserve, Trail #5 on the Park Map.  (You will see how close to the park road the trail is as you either leave from or return to the Rally campground).  Though down-slope from the park road and well into the woods, hikers and bikers may still hear traffic.  You will also proceed through likely habitat of the park’s rare Yellowwood Tree, a main reason for the 41 acre preserve’s establishment in 1971.  Moist, north-facing slopes are preferred by this tree, a member of the Legume family.  About half-way along the trail, you will cross Kate’s crossing bridge (mile 1.18), close to the park’s service area and the large playing field.
Limekiln is often overlooked because it is the furthest trail away from the main parking lot and it is rated as a beginner trail.  Local riders use descriptor terms like ‘roller-coaster’ and ‘downhill both ways’ for this trail.  If you’re camping in the park, this will be first trail you hit.  Get ready to scream for joy - it’s a great ride for all skill levels!

Begins: Hoosier’s Nest Shelter or Rally Campground parking lot
Distance:  2.19 miles
Hiking: Easy
Hiking Time: 60 minutes (one way)
Biking: Beginner
Elevation Gain: 183 ft
Look for: false turkey-tail fungus, bedstraw, rubber button fungus