Green Valley

Your ride on this trail will allow plenty of opportunity to experience the rugged land that comprises Brown County State Park.  Numerous rock outcroppings of sandstone, a sedimentary rock laid down from the time of ancient seas, will challenge you as they did for many previous landowners; imagine trying to farm these steep hills! Tremendous quantities of timber were cut off these hills by the late 1800s.  

At stops and while resting, take time to look around. The forest that comprises Brown County State Park is a young one, with typically an oak-hickory complex occupying rugged hill tops and ridges, and a beech-maple community on slopes.  

Installing bike trails on rugged lands requires close attention to drainage.  The Hoosier Mountain Bike Organization was mindful of this when partnering w/ the DNR.  The result is a single-track, trail system that is challenging, expertly-installed and somewhat resilient to erosion.  

Green Valley connects with both the North Tower Loop and the Aynes Loop trails.  The GPS track shown below starts at the Upper Shelter parking lot and takes the North Gate Connector to North Tower Loop.  At this intersection it goes right on a short, downhill section of North Tower.  At the bottom of the hill, the track continues through the valley, crosses a shallow creek, and passes the other end of the North Tower Loop (on the left).  The track continues to the right, crosses another shallow creek and soon after that comes to an intersection for Aynes.  Go right here to take this trail to the hilltop where it intersects with Green Valley. Go right again to ride Green Valley.  Enjoy your ride!

Begins: Upper shelter parking lot
Distance: 7.15 miles (Green Valley only - 5.0 miles)
Hiking: Moderate
Hiking Time: 3 hours
Biking: Intermediate
Elevation Gain: 859 ft.
Look for: sandstone outcroppings, oak-hickory & beech-maple communities
Intersects with North Tower Loop and Aynes Loop